Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Books Of The Ass

Here it is, The first of the Seven Books Of The Ass. Tall tales and wise ass cracks, (there happens to be a picture of a wise ass by the way) can be found within these pages.

Click on any picture to go to www.Etsy.com where you can purchase a copy.

16 pages and 15 pictures of great Asses, measuring 10cm X 15cm. Printed on acid free paper in full colour, to last you a lifetime of wisdom and stupidity.

All pictures come with a cryptic and enlightening description. The supposed answers are printed discretely inside the back cover for those who need answers. Hand stitched up by me and bound with a flexi cover, a must for anyone of taste and cunning.

Authors Apology: Despite using the word Ass in a sentence, pretty much make it vulgar, my pictures are what you might call family friendly, with only a small hint on violence in a couple. Eg: Pain in the Ass. So it is almost suitable for children, except if they go repeating some of the answers. For instance one answer has the word Ass and Hole together, so if you repeat it is a most grave thing, but the picture is quite lovely.

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