Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Maze - New ziney book by Elizabeth JMW illustrations by Nicholas Beckett

“I think I’ve been here before!” Lucy cried when she came to yet another dead end. She was about to continue on when she felt something crunch beneath her sneaker. She lifted her foot to see a piece of shattered mauve eggshell.
“Oh, I hope I didn’t kill the poor baby bird,” she said, but alas, there was no yoke and it was just a fragment of a bigger egg.
“Leave it be,” came the voice. Lucy picked it up and cradled it in her hand. The cornstalks grew even taller, nearly blocking out the setting sun.
She shortly found a piece of a blue eggshell. Then she found a yellow piece, and then an orange, and then a green. Lucy could fit the pieces together to make a whole egg. The egg was getting so big she had to cradle it in her arms and let it lean against her chest. But every time she found a piece of the shell the voice would protest and the cornstalks would grow taller, yet Lucy felt stronger for each piece she fit together and her tears had subsided." 

New illustrated version of Elizabeth JMW story tale, The Maze. It's a mystical tale of Lucy who gets caught in a maze of corn stalks. Follow her advetures as she sets out to find her way home. But where is home.

Find it HERE 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Universe Is Out There, is out there.

It’s only taken 5  years, but I finally got this printed. Hopefully we won’t be waiting this long for the next installment.
My first novella, is a story of two Pilgrimms going on a journey to find the famed Universe City. They don’t know when they start their travels, when they leave the land of toil, with leaves of oil and the soil made of rust  that the Universe City is their destination.

Join them as they meet many new friends, including Jezebel Truelove, a jilted bride rat, and Ken Do, the hairy man. Worry for them when they face many trials, such as crossing the the cross roads, and the their journey through the undergrounds.

48 page book, with numerous black and white illustrations by little old  me. 21cm X 13cm, with fancy colour cover.

The book is suitable for children but I wasn’t really writing it targeting anyone in particular. I just wrote the little chapters one a day in July 2008.
Includes many references to yummy food.

Buy it HERE.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Hot on the trail of my previous worst seller comes this new collection of Mother Goose nursery rhymes. There are some old familiar favorites like the Lady Bird rhyme, and less familiar ones like Pretty John Watts and the rats.

I had a lot of fun illustrating these. But be warned, they contain dark themes, like all the best nursery rhymes.

32 pages, A6 in size, with 14 illustrated rhymes in black and white by me.

Fun and terror for all the family.

Scare the kids into submission.

Available form my ETSY shop.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Elizabeth JMW

I have the great honour of working with Elizabeth JMW, a wonderful Canadian writer on some new projects. It started out that I read some of her earlier stories and wanted to illustrate them. She at the time was looking for an illustrator for a graphic novel she wanted to do. Now we are at work on many projects. The first to be finished is The Boy Who Owned The Forest, one of her early fairy tales which I have illustrated. 

The second in our collaborations is this cover I've done for her latest 398 zine. The Candy Makers Daughter, 398#12. Normally her zines are perzines, with articles and stories, but this is kind of a novella at 44 pages. It's a great read and I highly recommend it. 

Happy reading

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Songs Of Protest Zines

I have two new Songs Of Protest zines out now through ETSY.
Click here to go to shop.
Please not that Songs Of Filth does contain words of Filth.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

New Zines

I haven't updated this for a while. But I have been busy. All these zines are available at my ETSY store. Click here.

There's plenty more to come, but I thought I should add some of what I've been doing lately. 
Stay tuned for more information on my first novel style book, "The Universe Is Out There", and hopefully soon the true story of the Cat Walk Cat.
Plus I've been collaborating with many talented people lately. It's all very exciting, and I'll be giving a sneak preview of some of these projects soon.


Friday, January 6, 2012

Little red Riding Hoodie

I've found that over the years that I like to make things difficult for myself. So I think of an idea that repulses me and then try to make it into something I can live with. How about Aussie versions of classic fairy tales? How about "Little Red Riding Hoodie". Well why not. This is the result, and I can sleep at night, just.

Young Blue is asked by her mother to go to Nanna's house to deliver some steaks as she is feeling poorly. The holidays have been boring this year as the water is too cold to swim, so young Blue is more than happy to put on her Red Hoodie, and skate over to her Nan's house.
But on the way a pesky Tasmainian Devil has other plans.
What happens to the young Red Riding Hoodie, and her poor fully sick Nanna for that matter?
32 page book, lavishly illustrated in full colour by me, with lots of red. Measures 15cm X 10cm (6in X 4in).
Warning: Does contain depictions of blood splattered walls but it does have a happy ending, unless you're a Tasmanian Devil.