Friday, January 6, 2012

Little red Riding Hoodie

I've found that over the years that I like to make things difficult for myself. So I think of an idea that repulses me and then try to make it into something I can live with. How about Aussie versions of classic fairy tales? How about "Little Red Riding Hoodie". Well why not. This is the result, and I can sleep at night, just.

Young Blue is asked by her mother to go to Nanna's house to deliver some steaks as she is feeling poorly. The holidays have been boring this year as the water is too cold to swim, so young Blue is more than happy to put on her Red Hoodie, and skate over to her Nan's house.
But on the way a pesky Tasmainian Devil has other plans.
What happens to the young Red Riding Hoodie, and her poor fully sick Nanna for that matter?
32 page book, lavishly illustrated in full colour by me, with lots of red. Measures 15cm X 10cm (6in X 4in).
Warning: Does contain depictions of blood splattered walls but it does have a happy ending, unless you're a Tasmanian Devil.

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