Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Universe Is Out There, is out there.

It’s only taken 5  years, but I finally got this printed. Hopefully we won’t be waiting this long for the next installment.
My first novella, is a story of two Pilgrimms going on a journey to find the famed Universe City. They don’t know when they start their travels, when they leave the land of toil, with leaves of oil and the soil made of rust  that the Universe City is their destination.

Join them as they meet many new friends, including Jezebel Truelove, a jilted bride rat, and Ken Do, the hairy man. Worry for them when they face many trials, such as crossing the the cross roads, and the their journey through the undergrounds.

48 page book, with numerous black and white illustrations by little old  me. 21cm X 13cm, with fancy colour cover.

The book is suitable for children but I wasn’t really writing it targeting anyone in particular. I just wrote the little chapters one a day in July 2008.
Includes many references to yummy food.

Buy it HERE.

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