Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Maze - New ziney book by Elizabeth JMW illustrations by Nicholas Beckett

“I think I’ve been here before!” Lucy cried when she came to yet another dead end. She was about to continue on when she felt something crunch beneath her sneaker. She lifted her foot to see a piece of shattered mauve eggshell.
“Oh, I hope I didn’t kill the poor baby bird,” she said, but alas, there was no yoke and it was just a fragment of a bigger egg.
“Leave it be,” came the voice. Lucy picked it up and cradled it in her hand. The cornstalks grew even taller, nearly blocking out the setting sun.
She shortly found a piece of a blue eggshell. Then she found a yellow piece, and then an orange, and then a green. Lucy could fit the pieces together to make a whole egg. The egg was getting so big she had to cradle it in her arms and let it lean against her chest. But every time she found a piece of the shell the voice would protest and the cornstalks would grow taller, yet Lucy felt stronger for each piece she fit together and her tears had subsided." 

New illustrated version of Elizabeth JMW story tale, The Maze. It's a mystical tale of Lucy who gets caught in a maze of corn stalks. Follow her advetures as she sets out to find her way home. But where is home.

Find it HERE 

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